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Oyster mushroom is the most wanted variety in India; hence we understand the demand and supplying it in the form of bulk as well as retail segment...
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Button mushroom is the most famous variety when compare to other types, in world wide It is well known mushroom which is eaten by everywhere...
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Milky mushroom is well known for its high nutritional and medicinal value, this type of mushroom requires hot climate places like Tamil nadu Chennai...
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Our Mushroom spawn production unit has taken several steps to produce high quality of seeds, for cultivating mushrooms; spawn has to be in good quality...
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  Oyster Mushroom Cultivation   Button Mushroom Cultivation   Business Opportunities   Export  
Oyster mushroom cultivation can be easily done in all lands the only thing is it requires coconut thatched roof with very little place and even in terrace...
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Button Mushroom cannot be cultivated in all environments it require a specific setup the recommended temperature is around 25-30 degrees…
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Anyone can start mushroom business at very less investment and they can gain a good profit, we encourage lot peoples to do this business with our training…
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We are one of the leading mushroom manufacturers in India exporting various variety mushrooms like Oyster, button, milky and also dried mushroom ...
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  Milky Mushroom Cultivation   Dry Mushroom   Turnkey   Mushroom Comparisons  
Milky mushroom cultivation can be done in the temperature 33 to 40 degree Celsius with blue silpauline sheet roofing for yielding high quality mushrooms...
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One of the reasons for drying mushrooms is to preserve it for longer period of use; dried mushrooms are later turn into fine powder to use various dishes...
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Mushroom turnkey projects play a vital role in terms of yielding high and best quality mushrooms; here we are providing proper training for mushroom cultivation...
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We are majorly dealing oyster, button and milky mushrooms, here you can compare those mushroom and pick your choice that suits your environment for production...
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   Business opportunity of Mushroom Cultivation

  • Mushroom cultivation is not a very skilled process or may require any specific or technical knowledge, it is quite easy and hence can be adopted by anyone who mere has a passionate interest into mushroom cultivation.
  • Healthy and Wealthy food farming in our premises is what we prefer. Healthy refers to our product i.e. the Mushrooms because of their high nutritional value that is on offering and secondly the wealthy aspect which involves the high extent of profit that may be generated cultivating them making it a quick gain business opportunity.
  • The investment that may be required to start the mushroom cultivation is hardly a roadblock in the startup of the business. As been talking, it is not a capital intensive business opportunity and just requires the investment of interest to start it.
  • The income generated out of the mushroom business depends upon the effort you put in owing to which you can generate a moderate income and can even take additional income with other activities like export, bulk sales etc.
  • The loss if so happens in the business to is not a huge one to be thinking about, as discussed above the amount of investment that goes into it is not so huge; so even if the business doesn’t turn out to be good, you tend to remain safe from any significant loss.
  • For the mushroom cultivation, we as our company readily provide all time expert help and guidance for any client. Owing of multiple varieties, sources of the client and many more, this help greatly influence your business and propel it to greater success.
  • No such hardships in knowledge are required to start the mushroom cultivation business. It is easy enough to be initiated by any literate or illiterate being after going through a training scheme on offer by our company. It is easy enough to propel anybody to being an expert in the mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom popularity has lately grown up the chart. Nowadays when people have got a hint towards the exotic flavors, the food flavors on offer by these mushrooms have been on the top as far as the demand for this vegetable is concerned. People also are quite unaware about the nutritional value of this amazing vegetable which not only is rich in proteins serving as the building blocks of body structure but also contributes to the content of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Our company has been established with the objective of introducing this exquisite food source to the people in india and abroad as well. At our end we have put in a diligent effort to make mushrooms in chennai a popular food product in the global markets. Also with our efforts in manufacturing, providing mushroom cultivation trainings, supplying and exporting mushrooms and even assuring high quality of mushrooms, we have not only made the mushroom industry proud but have been on our toes to encourage others amongst us to be associated to it. Our expertise and intricate know how of this business is what sets us apart from the rest and off course makes us the best in what we want to accomplish.

We have been dealing with all the mushroom varieties like oyster, button, white and milky mushrooms but we specifically specialize in the Indian mushrooms. Not just with so our products we have been spreading awareness about the varieties we deal in an incessant way. We teach you mushroom growing, mushroom cultivation trainings and that too with the latest technological trends is what our company has been doing lately for every different variety of mushrooms.
Our company is one of the most trusted names in mushrooms India and provides one and all solutions of mushrooms cultivation in any respective regions like chennai, bangalore, mumbai, delhi and Kolkata. We are also a training center for those who always wished to learn how to grow mushrooms at home. We, as a company not only equips one with complete programs like button mushroom cultivation training, oyster mushroom cultivation training, Milky mushroom cultivation training, etc. but also provides mushroom spawns for sale. We, boasts upon our mushroom farms from where one can buy mushrooms and mushroom pores of the best quality.

We, as a company have not only been a successful producer and manufacturer of mushrooms but have also shown zeal to promote others into becoming one like us. For this we have a setup providing the best high yield mushrooms spawns and mushroom seeds for sale to whomsoever into the cultivation of mushrooms. This cultivation may even be on an open land or a terrace hut. Our promotion of people joining in comes with the lure that the business is a low investment venture.
Another major point of distinguishing is the quality which we passionately maintain in each and every aspect of our business. "Healthy and wealthy food farming" is the way we carry out the business at our end.  The company provides all time support from the experts button mushroom cultivation training, oyster mushroom cultivation training and milky mushroom cultivation training so that both literate and illiterate can start with the business too without much hassle. Also it helps to generate moderate / additional income for people showing dedication in this business. We cultivate a wide variety of mushroom products for domestic consumption as well as exports.

Our dealings in the world of mushrooms are not limited to anyone variety but we have a broader perspective dealing with varieties of mushrooms like button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, milky mushrooms, dry mushrooms (powder). Apart from the cultivated manufacturing of these mushrooms, we also provide high quality of mushroom spawns and mushroom seeds for the commercial production of mushrooms by our associates. Apart from these, we have also a whole scheme of trainings on offer providing a medium to people to learn and develop the skills necessary for a skilled mushroom manufacturing in all varieties.

Through our training modules we not only mean to strengthen ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers but also up bring more and more people into this interesting mushroom venture. All these show the extent of dedication that we have towards this beloved business of mushrooms indicating that we are not only limited to mere economic benefits but are actually passionate about our business model.

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