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  Milky Mushroom Cultivation Training

Milky Mushroom Cultivation in India
  1. Suitable for hot climatic area of Tamil Nadu
  2. Roofing with   blue silpauline sheet 
  3. Temperature required is 33 degree Celsius  and 40 degree Celsius
  4. Relative Humidity 85 %
  5. Sufficient Water source of  well water / river water / bore water

The basic requirement in the cultivation of milky mushrooms is what we intend to tell the persons or the manufacturers taking up the milky mushroom cultivation training. These specifications and the requirements are best suited for the growing of the milky mushrooms and help to produce the best yield of milky mushrooms and also of the highest quality. Firstly the cultivation of these mushrooms must be carried out in hot climate and the best suited place for them is definitely in the state or the climate zone of Tamil Nadu owing to which we have setup a farm development center in Chennai. Secondly the hut which is required for the growing optimally should have blue silpauline sheet as its roof. The temperature in the hut is required to be around 33- 40 degree Celsius with the relative humidity level being high around 85%. Lastly the cultivation demands a sufficient water supply at all times which may be through any water source i.e. well, river, bore etc.

Milky mushrooms have the need of the tropical climate for their best cultivation and farm development, our mushroom cultivation Chennai provides complete and fully fledged program training on the cultivation of such type of mushrooms. Milky mushroom is as it is quite famous in India, so it becomes quite viable for us to provide training in this regard.

Milky mushroom cultivation training is as it is a very difficult task to do but the expertise with which we teach in our training is of the highest level. After receiving the guidelines one can easily start the production independently as the program we offer in our training is quite self sufficient for an independent business. So, we assure our new relations who are looking to get into an easily establishing business of mushrooms to take the highest knowledge about the same from our mushroom cultivation trainings.