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  Oyster Mushroom- An Exotic Nutritional Paradise

oyster mushroom india
     Oyster mushroom sales have improved owing to the demand for the product from many different parts of the globe. We have been effectively managing the roles of bulk suppliers and retail suppliers being hotel suppliers, restaurant suppliers, where the sale of oyster mushrooms is considered. To simplify our sales, we have efficiently put up packets weighing 200 grams or 1000 grams, so that the order is packed and stocked up in an effective manner so that the sales of the product remain precise and appropriate each time the order arises. Besides selling up the oyster mushrooms locally within the country, our sales over cross the international boundaries to be exported among other countries as well.

  Nutrition Value of Oyster Mushroom

     Apart from being delicious, the nutritional content of oyster mushrooms is comparably rich in themselves. The vitamins which have a rich reserve in oyster mushrooms are vitamins B complex, C; vitamin B3 richest source is this mushroom having the content around 10 times more than any other vitamin source. The oyster mushroom has a very high fiber and protein content thus optimum for people suffering from diabetes and obesity cutting down on carbohydrates and fats. Also the minerals like calcium and phosphorous which are in abundance in oyster mushroom than any other protein makes it up a staple diet of the human balanced diet. This mushroom owing to its protein and potassium content helps in constipation and even help to reduce blood pressure and the cholesterol levels in the body making it a true exotic paradise not only because of its extravagant velvety and mild flavor but also because of its high nutritional value.